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Your Land, Your Legacy

Discover the Enduring Legacy of Land Donation

Your land holds profound significance—it’s the foundation of your hard work, a testament to your dedication, and a heritage entwined with your family history. Naturally, ensuring its endurance matters deeply to you.

By creating a Land Legacy with Washington State University, you can secure the preservation of the land that bears your name and contribute to the growth of education and innovation in Washington for generations to come.

Your donation doesn’t just shape landscapes; it shapes futures.

Why Choose to Donate Your Land?

  • Transformative Impact: Your land donation isn’t just a gift—it’s a catalyst for change. By entrusting us with your legacy, you propel groundbreaking research, foster academic excellence, and empower the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Preserve a Living Heritage: Your land is more than acreage; it’s a living testament to your values and aspirations. By donating, you ensure the perpetual preservation and responsible stewardship of your property.
  • Maximize Tax Benefits: A donation of land can offer significant tax incentives, making this a financially advantageous and philanthropic decision.
  • Personalized Recognition: We honor our benefactors with personalized recognition, celebrating your commitment and ensuring your enduring legacy within our university community.
Glenn Leitz

Glenn Leitz

Glenn farmed in Fairfield, Washington. He gifted his land to WSU to help support research, because he believed research is what keeps Washington agriculture competitive in global markets. Glenn was adamant that farmers need institutions like WSU to carry out that research and disseminate it.

Glenn is also a past member of the University’s Land Legacy Council.

Choose Your Approach

There are several ways you can choose to donate your land:

  • Retained Life Estate: Deed your land now, manage it, and retain income during your lifetime.
  • Outright Gift: Immediate transfer of land ownership and management.
  • Trust Deed: A mutually beneficial arrangement benefiting both you and the university.
  • Estate Plan Gift: Transfer land ownership to WSU through your will.

We will work closely with you to create a plan that meets your personal, business, conservation, and philanthropic goals. We will also help you honor your obligations to others who depend on the land and have helped you make it what it is.


Reach out to our dedicated team today to explore how your land donation can become an enduring legacy at WSU.