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The day we begin to take our agricultural legacy for granted is the day that we will begin to lose it.”

- Elson S. Floyd, WSU President

Ownership in agricultural, timber, or grazing land represents the hard work, sacrifices, courage, and stewardship of your family, oftentimes for generations. We know that your land is important to you—it has sustained you and become your heritage. But keeping a farm in the family is not easy. So we appreciate the difficult decisions you face in making decisions about your land for the future.

Now is the time to consider YOUR LEGACY.

A well-planned charitable gift of your family property may provide significant tax benefits while addressing income and land-management issues. For over a century, WSU has been proud to partner with farmers, ranchers, orchardists, producers, agribusinesses, and consumers. We have renewed our commitment to holding the land bearing your name. The WSU Land Legacy Council with membership representing farmers, ranchers, timber experts, and agribusiness leaders— appointed by WSU President Floyd—will manage your land.

With your help, we will secure the future for the next generation of landowners through our programs at the College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences. You can protect the livelihood of our farm families as they feed the world, power the planet, and enrich the environment.

Leave a Legacy of Land at WSU

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